CX 42 preamp

Produsent: Lavardin

Pris: 49000 (riaa kort MM kr 9000 ekstra)


Den passer perfekt med Lavardin forsterkere, men er også fantastisk til røreffektforsterkere og andre merker.


The full benefit from low memory technology can only be attained when a low memory power amp in our range is used.

Our preamps can also be fantastic partners for traditional power amps as replacements of traditional and generally poor sounding original preamps.

The Model C42/62 is a full width design with the unrivalled Lavardin Technologies build quality and design philosophy, with low memory distortion circuits and components. The dynamics of the Model C62 will certainly bring you closer to the music giving a purity and clarity that no other preamplifier could achieve.

The Model C42/62 is a minimalist design utilising our highly accurate, high performance Memory free Design.
It is operated manually and has an unbalanced line level source selection for up to six unbalanced input sources.


- "If sound quality and musical enjoyment are your priorities, you'll find this Lavardin pairing hard to beat at this price. Dismiss them at your peril"
- " Their ability to convey the nuance of a voice is spellbinding, yet in the next moment they can deliver explosive transients without restraint".
- "The ability to combine the subtle with the sledgehammer is something few rivals can do. Even rarer, is the ability to time properly. Only a handful of the products we hear each year have a proper mastery of this aspect of sound".


- Inputs: 6 on gold plated high quality cinch connector
- Input impedance: 10Kohms
- Input sensibility: 330 millivolts
- MM phono input: factory option  
- Input selection: sealed relays, ground & signal
- Relay contact: gold, silver, palladium alloy  
- Output level: max +20 dB
- Output impedance: nominal 75 Ohms
- Max gain: 12 dB
- Harmonic distortion:  0,001% @ max output
- Technology: High Speed and low Memory Distortion Solid State Circuits Lavardin Technologies Design
- Size: (mm) H 80 L 430 P 340
- Finish Black anodised and painted non magnetic high-grade aluminium
- Weight: 6 Kg net (12 lbs)
- Power consumption: 10 watts idle ; 40 watts maximum