Iridium tone arm cable

Produsent: Cardas

Pris: 2800 1m


Affordable Tonearm Cable with Acclaimed Cardas Performance

Iridium is Cardas Audio's most affordable tonearm cable. Light, soft, and extremely flexible, Iridium Phono is based on Cardas' acclaimed Iridium Interconnect.

"Iridium outperforms it's price point and offers a great introduction to the Cardas sound," notes

Combining a star quad arrangement with Cardas Audio's proven Golden Ratio copper conductors, Iridium achieves the perfect balance of detail and warmth. Natural treble is blended with a smooth midrange and quick bass response for a very musical cable.

With an outer diameter of 0.300", Iridium interconnect uses 4 x 24.5 AWG premium Cardas Copper conductors in a Star-Quad four conductor geometry with PFA and carbon-impregnated tape dielectric. Its gauge sizes are scaled to Golden Ratio proportions.

Termination Options

Iridium Phono is available terminated with Cardas GRMO RCA-to-RCA plugs or in a GRMO RCA-to-S-DINE-DIN plug configuration. It is finished in an ultra-soft extruded TPR jacket.


"Iridium outperforms it's price point and offers a great introduction to the Cardas sound."

Tomas Karasinski,, January 1, 2017


  • 0.300" O.D.
  • 4 x 24.5 AWG Cardas Copper conductors
  • PFA and carbon-impregnated tape dielectric
  • Star-Quad conductor arrangement
  • Golden section, Crossfield, litz, spiral shield
  • TPR jacket
  • Replaces Microtwin in the Cardas Audio product line
  • Termination: Cardas GRMO RCA-to-RCA plugs; or GRMO RCA-to-S-DINE-DIN plugs