Produsent: HECO

Pris: 22000


HECO DIREKT serien startet med DIRECT som fortsatt er den beste og stiligste høyttaleren jeg vet om i nærheten av prisen, håper mange flere oppdager denne perlen med 94 db driftseffekt og herlig kraftfull og direkte klang med sitt 11" lette papirmembran.

Så kom den store DIRECT DREIKLANG med 15" bass og samme stilige design som er en fantrastisk musikkformidler med de rette kvalitene.

NÅ ER DIRECT EINKLANG her, og HECO har klart det nærmest umulige, de har laget en fulltone høyttaler i samme deisign og finish som de andre bare litt mindre som lyder meget nærme Direct og har samtidig noen kvaliteter som bare bredbåndselementer har - til en pris på kun 19900.

Vi selger de første parene en liten periode for 18900.

Deres egenproduserte 8" er et super flott element som er spesiallaget for denne høyttaleren.

Jeg har aldri sett en fulltonehøyttaler av denne kvalitet og finish i nærheten av denne prisen, konkurenter er enten/og langt dyrere og ser gjerne ut som de er laget hjemme på gutterommet.

Endelig en høyttaler som passer inn overalt og kan spilles på med din favorittforsterker uansett effekt , og gjerne rør.


HECO  EINKLANG     High-end 1-way bass reflex speaker

HECO combines cutting-edge technology with classic concepts in its exceptional Direkt Einklang speaker. Just a single (!) 210 mm chassis is used in the high-end 1-way system of the Direkt series. As a point sound source, it is characterized by an above-average level of spatiality, optimum efficiency and maximum precision. As only one voice coil is required for a single chassis and the moving mass is kept low, the speaker can be connected to a tube amplifier from an output of 5 watts without any problems, while it also works perfectly with larger transistor amplifiers. As as is customary for HECO, it has once again used the high-tech Klippel measuring system to linearize and optimize the entire structure, which includes the extremely lightweight HECO kraft paper cone, the specially designed tweeter cone and the dual-ferrite drive system. The exclusive components are housed in the elaborately designed flat MDF housing, which features a wide baffle and elegant silk matte lacquer finish.

Heco's Direkt range of loudspeakers are a little different. Tall and wide, they're not very deep - the Einklang's cabinet depth is the same height as a DVD case.

A single, full range driver avoids issues associated with conventional crossovers, resulting in a cleaner, more revealing presentation with zero crossover distortion.

Rather than blending into the room, the Heco Direkt Einklangs stand out as a statement, a talking point - their sound a deep, flowing soundstage that draws you in to keep you listening.

The full range driver is the undoubeted star of the Einklang show. It uses a Heco developed paper for its 8" full range cone, a powerful dual-ferrite drive system, and a 25mm CCAW voice coil. A lightweight rubber surround ensuring a tight, speedy bass response. A rigid die-cast aluminium basket avoids unwanted resonances.

The newly developed inverted NAWI shaped dust cap is made from a particularly rigid and lightweight paper mixture. It is this that gives the full range driver its smooth treble response.

 The Direkt Einklangs have a high 94dB sensitivity rating. This characteristic means the Einklangs turn more of the electronic signal they receive into sound, giving a higher output than the average speaker for any given volume level. This makes them a perfect partner for low powered amplifiers.

Despite this being a positive characteristic, it does mean the Einklangs are highly revealing of their accompanying amplifier and source components, so care should be taken to partner them with clean, low noise electronics.

Dual reflex ports firing downwards underneath the cabinet instead at the rear of the cabinet allow better flexibility of placement near walls. These help the Einklangs reach down to 32Hz for bigger, fuller sound reproduction - that's lower than many small subwoofers!)

Rubber feet are also supplied as an option to attach to the three legs instead of spikes.

The single driver approach of the Direkt Einklang removes the unavoidable distortions inherent in passive crossovers.


Accurate frequency response correction modifies the output of the single 8" driver to give a smooth frequency response throughout its usable range.

 The linearised impedance curve is amplifier friendly, making the Einklangs an ideal match for low powered valve and transistor amplifiers that have as little as 5wpc on offer.

Rubber feet, spikes and floor protectors are provided. The Direkt Einklang is available in black/black or white/silver.



  • 1-way, dual bass reflex design

  • 8" full range driver

  • 4-8ohms impedance

  • 94dB sensitivity

  • 32Hz-19,200Hz frequency response

  • 5-180wpc recommended amplifier power

  • 19kg each

  • available in black/black or white/silver

  • W 328mm x H 842 x D 196mm cabinet dimensions

  • H 931mm overall height including stands