Cartridgemaker mkIII

Produsent: Cartridge Man

Pris: 11500


Dette er virkelig en topp pickup, ikke la deg lure av den rimelige prisen - sammen med Pear Audio platespillerene (og Croft riaa) er det fantastisk.

The 'MusicMaker' Phono Cartridge is a high-performance variable reluctance device, employing a proprietory extended contact diamond stylus.


"The first thing you notice is the solidity and presence it has compared to almost all MC cartridges. There's a sense of unstoppable momentum to music...

For anyone using a valve pre-amp like a Conrad-Johnson or early ARC, this cartridge is manna from heaven.
Being used to hearing vastly expensive MCs in a system tailored to their balance, the MusicMaker never left me feeling short-changed. ... never was a product so aptly named; never was an alternative so welcome."


Output voltage: 4mV
Frequency response: 10Hz - 50KHz
Stereo separation:>25dB across 10Hz to 30KHz range
Loading requirement: 47K Ohm (standard moving magnet)
Cartridge weight: 6.2g
Stylus type: proprietory extended contact area diamond
Tracking force: 1.58g +/- 0.05g (critical)
Arm requirement: medium to low mass (13g or less)
Bias (anti-skate) requirements: minimal