Heretic Sound System

Heretic Sound System

Heretic Sound Systems

Laget etter klassiske Altec/JBL normer med fantastisk byggekvalitet og finish , for dere som virkelig elsker musikk og ønsker en lettdreven klassisk høyttaler som passer like bra inn i en moderne leilighet som et klassisk tømmerhus.

97 db pluss gjør at du kan bruke alle gode forsterkere uansett effekt og teknologi.

Ønsk musikken velkommen det er mulig å ha hifi kvaliteter og gøy samtidig.




Looking at the Heretic site, you’ll see there are several other finishes available, and you can order the speakers with or without grilles. If you have munchkins or pets, seriously consider the grilles. Our review pair came in the natural finish.

Gaboury says that the cabinets are made from 12mm Canadian ultra-premium birch plywood. The website says, “Because of tone. Tone comes from rigidity, lightness, and compliance, but not too much.” Rather than go on and on, if there is any way you can give these speakers a listen, if you share some of my listening priorities, I think you will really enjoy the Heretics. Should you have a larger room, or need more bass extension, they also make the A612, which is the same driver in a cabinet with more volume.

Sensitivity remains the same, but there is an additional half octave of bass extension. When Mr. Gaboury catches up with orders, he’s promising to send us a pair. For now, provisionally, I am purchasing the review pair, but I may hold the checkbook close to the vest until I hear the bigger model. I’ve got the room. Either way, these speakers have provided some of the most fun I’ve had in a long time just hanging out and listening to music for its own sake. You’ll only need one or two of your favorite tracks to decide if they are the droids you want.

For now, highly recommended, and #toneaudioapproved.

“The Healing Heretics: Heretic A612 High Sensitivity Loudspeakers soothe these bleeding ears with their warm and intimate sound”

—Juan C. Ayllon, Positive-Feedback

“the Heretics capture all of the magic of a classic Altec design – powerful, direct and exciting–with more extension at the frequency extremes”

—Marc Phillips, Part Time Audiophile

“Without a doubt, this system delivered the most fun I'd had during my first two days at the show”

—Jason Victor Serinus, STEREOPHILE

“I was impressed by the loudspeaker’s focused and detailed sound, not necessarily expected from a product so retro in appearance”

— Andrew Quint, The Absolute Sound