Produsent: Pear Audio

Pris: 160000


Odar, en fantastisk platespillerlkombinasjon som har mer musikk en det aller aller meste uansett pris.  Absolutt referanse.


Building upon the solid foundation of the Kid Thomas, the Odar was created for the discerning analog lover who wants the very best. Featuring two armboards, capable of using either 10 or 12 inch arms, and delivered with a Cornet 2 12 inch tonearm, massive motor housing, massive 14 inch diameter platter, platform in the same solid wood material as the gorgeous plinth and a separate power supply – the Odar can deliver the musicality, a huge soundstage with staggering dynamics and incredible tape-like flow and timing.

The Odar turntable was awarded Best Sound at its world premiere at the Munich High-end show by The Absolute Sound, Enjoy The Music & AV Showrooms.

Pear Audio Blue introduces a range of turntables and tonearms based on Tom Fletcher’s last ideas on turntable construction. Unrestricted from past designs Tom Fletcher designed a new range of turntables and tonearms for his good friend Peter Mezek, called Pear Audio Blue. All models available in both wood and satin black finishes.



My friend Tom Fletcher likened most modern audio products to a brass violin:



      "Pretty to look at but not something you'd want to try to play music on! We don't want to make brass violins, no matter how many

we could sell.“


With this simple phrase, Tom’s philosophy about music and audio design is crystalised.


At Pear Audio Analogue we have a passionate commitment to hand-build fine instruments for the playback of recorded music.

We’re not interested in the quick and easy answer, but believe objects of real worth take time to create.


First and foremost, our team never forgets that what we’re trying to capture is - music.   


Without music there is no purpose.


All aspects, from the size and shape of the parts to the materials they are made from, are subservient to the music.


Even the finish applied to various parts is carefully considered with respect to the effect it would have on the music. If making

something shinier results in poorer sound, we will find a different finish.


Every last detail, down to the type of rubber used in the feet on the plinth, has been tested for resonance characteristics and is then listened

to by trained ears.        Nothing is left to whim.


The design of our turntables and tonearms follow a key philosophy - achieve a magnificent marriage of materials. Each material, on its own, might be common and unremarkable, but the way materials perform together, to maintain the proper phase of energy throughout the system, is how the magic begins.


No frequency is overly diminished or amplified. No frequency is overly damped or allowed to sustain. Every bit of energy is carefully managed across the spectrum, from the motor itself, through the tone-arm and in the stylus as it is driven by the grooves on the record.


Thus  a turntable where the whole is worth more than the sum of its parts is created.


From the ultra-low torque motor, to the mechanically damped unipivot tone-arms, these seemingly simple-looking turntables have loads of clever engineering skill concealed within them.


Give a Blue a spin today!



Ultra lor torque motor
14 Inch platter
Separate motor
Separate power supply
12 inch Cornet 3 arm
Extra armbase for additional arm