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Jeg er veldig glad for endelig å ha et system for å rense og bevare mine plater på den best tenkelige måte.
Er du villig til å bruke litt tid på dine skatter så er dette det ultimative systemet, jeg har tidligere hatt både VPI og Nitty gritty og andre ultrasonic maskiner, noen mere lettvindte og andre raskere - men ingen har gjort en bedre jobb.

Du kan rense 2LP og en 45 + en single samtidig.

Ta en kikk på de mange you tube videoene som ligger ute og ta kontakt .KIRMUSS AUDIO

An Audio-nerd since 1968: Charles Kirmuss has been involved with audio first as a hobby since he was 6 years old building speaker enclosures and tube amplifiers. In his professional career has pioneered the design and manufacture of RF GPS Situational awareness terminals, digital video and audio recorders and servers for Homeland Security use. He holds several Patents.In 2018 Charles and his Team proudly introducs to the audio world KirmussAudio's affordable ultrasonic record washer and vinyl record restoration system.


An Affordable Solution To Maintaining And Restoring Your Vinyl Collection:

The Team:

After 5 years of extensive research and trials audiophile and business owner Charles Kirmuss developed an affordable and simple to use RECORD CLEANING AND RESTORATION SYSTEM based on researching the record making process and the environments that records are stored in.

With ETL C US and CE Electrical and Safety Approvals our affordable system will increase your listening pleasure by removing most of those annoying unwanted pops and crackling sounds from both new and old records and giving breath to the artist and music as fungus as well as remnants of prior cleanings which are stripped off the record.

This is NOT some home-made product!

The KirmussAudio Model KA-RC-1 Revolutionizes The Way We Clean Records

First and foremost; our Patented and Patents Pending record suspension system assures that records of any speed and size see their grooves cleaned SAFELY. No damage to the record by mechanical intrusion of skewers and the like. FOUR RECORDS AT A TIME MAY BE PROCESSED.

Secondly; only distilled water with a maximum of 40 mL (1.4 oz) of ISA (Isopropyl) 70% solution constitutes the initial de-grease bath. In its subsequent RESTORTION CYCLES we then apply a PVC FRIENDLY, WATER SOLUBLE, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-static surfactant to the record aimed at removing accumulated surface contaminants present from other cleaning systems. This is applied to the record by way of a supplied goat hair brush.

Ultrasonics need a surfactant to aid in the cavitation of the water solution to better clean and remove contaminants. As to determining when a record is clean and restored, our process allows you to see this first hand.

As the surfactant is brushed onto the record, a decrease of the appearance of a toothpaste-like substance validates the effectiveness of the system: removing fungus, contaminants, as well as agents applied in prior cleaning methods and systems




For Foreign Buyers of our 100, 240 Volt and other Models:

  • Overseas models are not available from our Global Headquarters in the USA.
  • Overseas Models are available regionally sold by our Authorized Global Distributors and Dealers.
  • Overseas models need power supplies designed for specific regions to meet additional RF and EMI regulations stipulated by the Authorities. Globally: Electrical and Governmental approvals are also different than in the USA and require additional documentation and testing at significant cost.
  • To keep shipping costs reasonable as it costs $290 to ship by air one machine to the UK: Regional warehouses and resellers have been established by us. They ship in-country and in-region at a lower cost than we can from the USA.
  • Not seen in the USA are the variable import duties, taxes, and VAT. These are borne regionally.
  • As Such the Retail List Prices outside of the USA from our Global Supply Centres vary from $1,200 USD to $1,600 USD depending on the Country.
  • For Pricing in your Home Country, please contact your regional reseller in your country's region. Please refer to our