Heco New Phalanx 203F subwoofer

Tilstand: Brukt

Pris: kr 4000


Ny subwoofer i hvit piano finish, glimrende til å skjules under et kap eller lignende.


Active subwoofer with innovative enclosure concept and high performance capacity

The New Phalanx 203 F is the master of flexibility in Heco´s powerfully efficient subwoofer portfolio. The already proven virtues of the New Phalanx range are complemented by a particularly flat and innovative enclosure concept.

The active compact subwoofer can be positioned horizontally or vertically and is only 16 cm high in the horizontal position. Demanding aesthetes simply hide the subwoofer, which is available in black or white, under or behind an item of furniture – and the New Phalanx 203 F can even be hung on the wall. Such a high degree of flexibility often goes hand in hand with limited acoustic performance - but not with the New Phalanx 203 F.

The entire New Phalanx technology is packed inside the compact enclosure of the 203 F, guaranteeing powerful bass reproduction for demanding applications with a discreet design at the same time.


  • The extremely flat cabinet design and the control panel fitted in the bottom side allow individual mounting: lying flat or standing upright
  • Very solid MDF construction
  • High-quality high-gloss lacquering
  • Highly-damping silicone grip feet
  • Wall fastening device included (for upright mounting)


  • Active SPL equalization
  • Real-time Limiter
  • High-performance Class-D power amplifier
  • Low power consumption in standby mode <0.5 watts

Couch-Potatoe AV-Magazin ordered the new compact subwoofer from Heco to put it to the test. With its ultra-slim housing, it is supposed to be particularly easy to integrate into a living room environment. Whether this is actually the case and how it sounds in practice will be addressed in the following test. A subwoofer goes with a home cinema like salt goes with soup. It's even better when the design of the product means it can be simply hidden underneath a sofa or behind a TV on the wall. Just like the design of the New Phalanx 203F subwoofer from Heco presented here. Thanks to its particularly flat housing it can be positioned virtually anywhere – whether it's lying on the floor or hanging on a wall. Measuring just 16 centimeters in height, it can be easily positioned in a small gap underneath furniture or behind a TV. The New Phalanx 203F is optionally available in a black or white finish to ensure perfect visual integration in a living room environment. A perfectly applied high gloss finish adorns the sturdy housing of the two color variations. The workmanship is exquisite – particularly with regard to the excellent haptic quality and harmoniously rounded edges. Anyone wanting to purchase a New Phalanx 203F for themselves will need to invest €650 in Heco. Whether it's really worth purchasing is clarified in the following test. Initial operation Four thick silicone rubber feet not only provide the required degree of stability, but also ensure the necessary distance is maintained between the woofer and floor surface or wall. Heco supplies two small metal brackets for wall mounting with minimum space requirements. These are extremely sturdy and can be screwed into the embedded threaded bushes in the baffle if required. To enable optimum operation of the subwoofer, it must be ensured that the two reflex ports located on the side of the housing are not covered during installation. The power supply unit is integrated in the housing and is powered via an angled connecting cable. Heco supplies two 90 degree adapters for the audio connection, which enable conventional analog RCA cables to be connected to the terminal in a space-saving manner. Two knobs are available for individual adjustment of the volume of the subwoofer and the crossover frequency. A remote control is not included in delivery. Technology The volume and crossover frequency can be adjusted via the terminal area. A 20 centimeter woofer is integrated on the underside of the housing for the required bass response. This is powered by a 220 watt (max.) digital amplifier. When in standby mode the New Phalanx 203F consumes less than 0.5 watts of energy, meaning that its operating costs for the year are extremely low at around €1.20. The performance of the bass chassis is perfectly adapted to the housing volume and amplifier electronics thanks to active frequency response equalization. Together with the real-time limiter, this ensures the best possible sound quality, even when subjected to high volume. Sound quality The New Phalanx 203F was extremely impressive during the listening test with its tremendously rich and powerful bass response. Despite its relatively small volume housing, Heco's subwoofer generates a profound and voluminous bass range. In doing so, the 20 cm woofer chassis always maintains control of the acoustic events. Thanks to its powerful woofer, the New Phalanx 203F is thoroughly compelling even when played at high volume. It reproduced the mighty stomping sounds of the Indominus Rex dinosaur from Jurassic World in an extremely authentic and terrifying manner. Heco's flat sub doesn't show any weakness either when it comes to playing music and it provided us with a dynamic, agile bass line with a high level of detail and a pleasantly earthy substance. Clear Text The New Phalanx 203F from Heco is evidence that even very compact, and thus living room friendly, subwoofers can also sound extremely good. The flat bass unit ensures a lively and rousing reproduction of music and film audio from a concealed