Heco Celan GT 702

Tilstand: Demo

Pris: kr 18000 (29000)


Nytt par med disse flotte høyttalerene i hvit piano finish- kun pakket ut av eskene for visning.


Floorstanding speaker, 3-way bass reflex configuration with double bass driver

HECO´s Celan GT 702 is the middle of three floorstanding speakers in the series and features enough space for a double-bass configuration with two 170 mm woofer chassis. Perfectly coordinated individual chassis with an outstanding level of precision and a completely redefined dynamic response ensure unlimited listening pleasure. At the heart of the sound in this series lies the new tweeter. This 30 mm high-energy tweeter is significantly larger than conventional tweeters and features a special cone geometry that differs from other tweeters by its oversized edge mount. This creates a considerably higher dispersion energy in the transition to the midrange than is possible with conventional designs. One feature both the woofer and midrange driver have in common is a sturdy die-cast aluminium basket with linearised magnet system. An elaborately constructed, sturdy MDF housing forms the workspace for the chassis.


It is immediately obvious that every small detail is thought out in the construction of HECO Celan GT 702. Four drivers with proprietary design are installed in powerful faceted bodies with the rear bass-reflex. They are mounted on a massive front plate of the increased thickness that excludes any possible resonances. Woofers and MF drivers with the caliber of 170 mm have the diffusers made of the pressed cellulose, but they a bit differ by construction. In particular, woofers have more elastic long-stroke suspension and increased to 32 mm diameter of the sound coil. The tweeter's caliber is increased to 3 cm. A lightweight poly-fibrous fiber is used for production of its dome, which then is covered with reinforcing coating. Control of HF-head's return is provided using the jumper at output terminals: Linear and "+2dB".

Speaking about tonal balance HECO Celan GT 702 speaker systems are quite neutral - aurally critical ripples were not captured. Lower case is very convincing by both depth and dynamics. Explosive, sometimes literally hurricane energy gladdens. The tweeter provides an exemplary purity of the upper range. The middle is almost airtight - voices are lifelike, instrumental parts are easily identified. There is a certain charm of timbres, peculiar to systems of the highest class. The stage largely depends on the accuracy of speaker systems' placing relatively to the listening point. Under ideal conditions the space is formed absolutely independently from the speaker systems; images are brightly drawn and the scale is truly impressive.


HECO Celan GT 702 Floor standing speakers photo