Pathos Logos MK II (med DAC) demo

Tilstand: Demo



Lite brukt demomodell selges for kun kr 36000 med innebygget DAC (53500) - se vanlig side for mer opplysning.



"The first version of the Logos expressed a high level of sonic performance, but now the new MKII went further. 

Made entirely by hand including metal processing, wood and even of transformers, the Logos, Pathos MKII showed during the listening session a sound absolutely charming, with a low finely chiseled and rich in detail, a surprising phrasing and an incredible ability to reproduce at the best way both male as female voices. 

Credibility is the right word, both in the play of the protagonists of the songs they are human voices or instruments, both in rebuilding the soundstage made by the space, by ambience and by reverb. A round sound but never flaccid, pleasant but always reliable in a typical balance of a machine that can truly be called MATURE".


Michael Lang