Produsent: HECO

Pris: 33000


INTRODUKSJONSPRIS på bestillinger fram til Oktober  kr 25000 paret.

Heco Direkt er utrolig riktig i mine øyne, lettdrevet 95 db - spiller bra med moderate forsterkere både transistor og rør- ser fantastisk stilig ut i Art Deco stil med en super finish i hvit eller sort.

Ikke minst har de papir bass/mellomtone på 11" som gjør at hele systemet har en kraft og kropp som de aller fleaste høyttalere mangler idag.

High-end 2-way loudspeaker

Inspired by classic models, the "Direkt" high-end two-way loudspeakers are custom-made in the Heco laboratory! A 25 cm subwoofer with a kraft paper diaphragm and extremely low-distortion drive is responsible for a crisp and precise bass, supported by a generous volume of air and two downfire reflex tubes. Combined with the high-energy silk cone with a particularly strong double-magnet drive and solid-aluminium wave-control horn, a finely balanced, dynamic soundscape is produced with a crystal clear and direct vocal range. On account of its excellent efficiency and linearised impedance characteristics, the Direkt harmonises perfectly not only with high-quality transistor amplifiers, but also with delicate tube amplifiers. The sloping flat enclosure in a dual-colour stripe design provides for visual highlights, while solid metal feet ensure optimum weight distribution thanks to the three-point mounting.

“In conjunction with the adequately dynamic tweeter, we really and truly experience a small miracle, with no exaggeration: With the impetuous power of adolescents, the Direkt gets to grips unashamedly and really steps hard on the gas. Genuine, undistorted midtone ranges and equally precise and vibrant treble reproduction complete the consistent soundscape... It is convincing, rather, with impressive sensitivity, precise balance and the good spatial quality of the sound.” Fidelity HiFi & Musik 25 April | 2016 “The speakers produce one hell of a sound”

"And if you interpret that now as being highly recommended by the editorial staff, you're dead right." "This speaker does everything perfectly."

Se på hjemmesiden for flere tester og omtaler, sjelden har vi sett så mange posetive omtaler av et så rimelig produkt.



Large two-way system with particularly high efficiency for excellent dynamics • Can be combined optimally with transistor and tube amplifiers from 10 watts per channel • Attractive flat-design enclosure, floating appearance through all-metal design foot construction
Chassis • Newly developed tweeter with particularly high efficiency through the 28mm silk compound cone, solid aluminium front panel with high-efficiency wave-control horn geometry and powerful double magnet system • Especially efficiency and gentle roll-off-optimized woofer midrange with Kraft paper diaphragm, lightweight dust-protection cone, low-loss rubber surround and highly durable voice coil in a stable die-cast aluminum cage • Magnet systems linearized with the high-tech Klippel measuring system for ideal symmetry and minimal distortions
Cabinet • Stylish semi-matt lacquer finish with contrasting double stripes on the front • Solidly built, multiple strutted MDF flat enclosure with attractive curves • Specially designed all-metal foot construction for an absolutely stable base, three-point mounting for perfect weight distribution • Floor-protecting rubber feet and all-metal spikes included • Double bass-reflex design with bi-directional airflow-optimized rounded downfire tubes for maximum bass effect
Crossover • Elaborate, phase-optimized crossover with highquality tight-tolerance components • Linearized impedance curve with very little fluctuation for optimum behavior on tube and transistor amplifiers from 10 watts per channel • High-quality all-metal connector terminal with stable, gold-plated high-end screw terminals

Principle                                                       2 way bass reflex
Driver Complement                                       27cm (11") bass mid
                                                                  28mm  silk dome tweeter with horn loading
Power Handling (RMS/Max)                            200/320W
Impedance                                                  4-8 Ohm
Bandwidth                                                   25-28000 hz
Crossover Frequency                                    2350 Hz
Recommended Amplifier power                       10-320W
Sensitivity                                                   95 dB/W
Cabinet Finish                                             White/Silver and Black/Black semi matt lacquer
Dimensions (WxDxH)                              440 x 998 x 397 mm (including feet)
Weight                                                          25.8 Kg