Gram Amp 2 SE

Produsent: Graham Slee / GSP Audio

Pris: 3650


  • For moving magnet, moving iron and high-output moving coil cartridges
  • Fast-Active preamp and equalisation technology
  • Inherent reduced vinyl click and pop characteristic
  • Rock steady sound stage
  • Great "3D" performance
  • Super-classic ground configuration
  • Can be upgraded by using a PSU1 unipolar power supply instead of the "green" switched mode unit supplied

Out of the box, this is in many ways the most musical phono stage here. Its sound is very 'analogue', almost valve-like in its nature...
- Hi-Fi Choice (print magazine) on the slim-line Gram Amp 2 SE, Feb 2014

Anyway when I swapped back to the Gram Amp 2SE, the improvement was considerable. It has the same honest no-nonsense music comes first approach as the Genera and Reflex M. It largely ignores clicks and crackle, and it does not get in the way of the music. It made my SL1210/MM3 sound pretty good, unlike the other preamp. I like bass and I aim my speakers to converge 3/4 metre behind my listening position to get a deeper and wider soundfield. But I don't want hard or boomy bass or room filling ambience at the expense of a shrill sound. I want to hear the hi-hat or ride being played not a wash of white noise. I got the good stuff from the GA 2SE, hearing the percussion parts and different instruments on "Passion." Creedence's "Cosmos Factory" sounded pretty good as well and it definitely had a groove. On any sound for pound comparison the I think the 2SE is very good value for a piece of quality hifi, lovingly designed and handmade in Yorkshire.
- forum member: Fatmangolf

For those building a budget system or upgrading an existing built-in phono stage, the Graham Slee 2 S/E is a new reference. Its combination of superb wideband sonic performance and exemplary musical communication sets the standard for budget phono stages. Highly recommended.
- Paul Szabady on the "V2" Gram Amp 2 SE, Stereo Times, May 2007

This one delivers a detailed, open sound like the GramAmp2, but additionally this one adds more weight to the sound, i.e. more bass is present (not too much, but with that one I can feel it a bit). For me, it brings more life and dynamics into music. So, for me, together with the PSU1 the GramAmp2 SE is the right choice.
- forum member: Jestofunk



Item Measurement
Input range 2mV - 10mV rms
Output range (for above inputs) 224mV to 1120mV rms
Gain 41dB (Av 112) ref 1kHz
Phase margin 90 degrees
Maximum input level 41mV (ref: 1 kHz)
Input impedance resistive 47k Ohms
Input impedance capacitive 100pF
Output noise (CCIR Q-Pk 22Hz-22 kHz) -74dB
Equivalent Input Noise (EIN) -115dB
Reproduction characteristic RIAA within 0.5dB total deviation 20Hz-20kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion plus noise measured at 80Hz, 1kHz, 5.6 kHz and 16 kHz < 0.05% (typically < 0.015% at 1 kHz)
Channel balance 0.1dB
Channel separation 64dB
Size (approx.) 107 x 117 x 50mm

Specifications subject to alteration without notice in keeping with our continuous improvement policy.